The One Where It "Actually Gets Cold"

January 23, 2018

Well everyone, the time has officially come. All through November and December everyone kept telling me that "this is not even that cold", and "don't worry, it will get colder", and here we are its officially colder. As I am typing this there is a little more than 1 inch of snow on the ground, lots of snow pouring out of the sky, and two pairs of pants on my legs. I actually just checked the weather and it is warmer today than it has been so I guess I'm being slightly dramatic (my weather app says that its 28 degrees but that it feels like 17......). The good news is, I have not slipped on the snow/ice yet!!! (praying that I did not just jinx myself by writing that....) Even more good news is that the sun is FINALLY setting after 4pm!!


I am finally getting back into my routine after the craziness of the holidays. And by that I mean I finally unpacked and put my suitcases away!! I am back in the kindergarten, back with my Russian lessons, and of course getting ready for some more traveling :) 


In the kindergarten, we are preparing for the Jewish holiday of Tu B'Shevat. So in the kindergarten we are doing tree/nature themed arts and crafts and I am doing my best to teach them how to say some key words like "tree", "leaves", and "branches" in english! 

Here is a picture of the kids and their artwork!!


Since I last wrote, I also took a trip through the Baltics (the region of Europe that I am in which consists of three countries- Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). I took a bus to Riga which is the capital of Latvia and met up with some friends, spent some time in Vilnius, which is the capital of Lithuania, and then back to Riga!

Some of you are probably thinking "who even goes to Latvia or Lithuania?????" My sister actually asked me that exact question, BUT I would highly recommend both countries! I had a great time, ate good food, and everything is much cheaper in the Baltics than in western Europe (and all three Baltic countries are on the Euro!!).

I think the most random thing that happened to my friend Becca and I during this trip was when we found ourselves at a bar in Vilnius, watching a Lithuanian basketball game. It honestly felt like we were back in the states for a few minutes! ALSO some fun facts about Latvia- It is the country that Lizzie McGuire had to do a project on with her arch nemesis Kate, AND it is the country where Winston Bishop from New Girl played Basketball. SO the Baltics are not quite as irrelevant as you might think.  Here are some pictures from that trip:


























This past weekend I hosted some of the Madrichim that I am working with (if you don't remember form previous posts- Madrichim are the older teen leaders in the Jewish community) at my apartment for dinner- I obviously didn't cook and we got sushi delivered!


Some fun things coming up in the next few weeks-

I am headed to London this weekend for a super quick trip!

I am prepping myself another staff member and two teens to head to BBYO's International Convention in ORLANDO!!! We leave in just over two weeks

And then I get to spend some time at home :)



As always, thank you for following my adventures


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