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January 3, 2018

Happy New Year, Everyone!!


WHOAAAA it has been a crazy few weeks!! I have been debating on whether or not to split up the past few weeks into separate blog posts or to combine it all into one, so here we go- my last few weeks summarized:



I got a visit from my friend Becca who is a part of the same program as me but is located in Copenhagen. I had lots of fun getting to play tour guide for the weekend, showing her all of my favorite spots, showing her where I work, and introducing her to some of my coworkers and the teens and kids that I am working with this year. During the time when Becca was visiting, another friend of ours (also in the same program) came for the day from Helsinki, it is only about a 2 hour ferry ride! 

On the Friday when Becca was visiting- my Teens Club all went Ice Skating in the Old Town, so we joined them! I was afraid of falling on my butt, but I learned that I'm actually not so terrible at ice skating and I would maybe do it again. 

Here are some pictures from my weekend exploring with friends:






















































The next adventure from the past few weeks- I hopped on a plane to Paris to meet up with my FAMILY!!! This was extra exciting because it had been MONTHS since we were all in the same place at the same time for more than just a few days.  We had all been to Paris before but the last time we were there was when I was 6 so my siblings and I did not remember really anything. It was cool to be able to explore the city as "adults" and really be able to appreciate what we were doing and seeing. One of the best parts about going to a French speaking country is that my dad speaks french fluently (since he lived in french speaking countries until he was 20), which just makes things a lot easier for us! We ate lots of good food, drank lots of good wine, and did a LOT of walking. 

Here are some pictures from Paris-

























































































SO, after a week and a half of eating my weight in crepes, chocolate croissants, cheese, wine, and baguettes- I flew back to Tallinn and spent little less than 48 hours there before I got on another plane (I'm a little bit insane, I know)! Friday morning I flew to Copenhagen to meet up with my friend Becca (the same one that visited me), since we apparently can't spend more than two weeks apart LOL. We ended up taking a quick little road trip up to a city in Sweden called Malmo (casual, I know) because, to make a long story short Becca had a rented car that she needed to return. We spent the rest of the weekend exploring Copenhagen, we even went to Tivoli which is one of the oldest theme parks in the world to watch fireworks!

Here are some pictures from Copenhagen:



















After two and a half crazy weeks, it is nice to finally be back in Tallinn. I am slowly getting back into my normal routine and getting re-situated.  I just have about a million loads of laundry and unpacking to do.  I have lots and lots of exciting things coming up over the next few weeks-

- As each day goes by, the "sun" is staying out for longer and longer

- I am (kind of) getting used to the cold!! And what's funny about all of this is that it's colder in most parts of the US than it is in Tallinn right now.

- I am going to Riga, Latvia next weekend to visit Aryeh (another friend in my program). Latvia is the country just to the south of me and its about a 4 hour bus ride away!

- Next month I am taking three of the madrichim that I am working with to BBYO's International Convention in AMERICA!!! That's right ladies and gentleman I'm coming home! The first part of the conference which is with all of the international participants is in south Florida, then we head up to Orlando for the full convention (thousands of Jewish teens from around the world), and then I'll get a little bit of free time at home!




And thank you so much for following my adventures




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