The One with Friendsgiving

November 28, 2017

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!!! I just got back from my first Friendsgiving in Berlin and it was awesome!

I met up with two other fellows in my cohort- Jude who is living in Budapest for the year, and Becca who is living in Copenhagen for the year. When we met in August (side note- Jude and I actually met at a BBYO program in 2010 and stayed somewhat in touch after graduating high school and have since reconnected through being on this program!!), we all decided that we wanted to do some sort of trip surrounding Thanksgiving since it is already hard being away from home on any normal day but throw in a holiday and it makes it even harder.  ALSO Thanksgiving was Becca's birthday so we had double to celebrate!


The three of us met on Wednesday night and we spent the weekend exploring, being tourists, shopping (which made it very difficult to pack since we only brought carry-ons (especially for Becca lol)) and eating lots of good food! It was super nice to be with people who are going through a lot of the same things that I'm going through and just take the weekend to decompress from the craziness that is picking up your life and moving across the world for a year.  Here are some pictures from my weekend in Berlin:







































And now back to my regular programmed blog topics-

Russian lessons: SO the latest and greatest in Russian lessons is that I COMPLETELY misunderstood a homework assignment to an embarrassing degree. The story is my instructor handed me a paper that had some new topics on it learning about how to talk about yourself.  This new lesson was to teach me how to say things like "I am...." or "I have...." okay cool sounds good, right? WELL at the bottom of the page there was this paragraph about a man named Boris talking about himself.  The 45 minute lesson was over and my instructor gave me my homework which I THOUGHT was to memorize and recite this paragraph for her at our next lesson. So being the procrastinator that I am I waited until two days before to start memorizing this paragraph.  As I was doing this I thought that it was all a little strange because I wast not really sure what I was learning from memorizing this but I kept going.  When it came time for my lesson, my instructor asked me to start talking about MYSELF in Russian but said nothing about Boris.  WELL turns out she wanted me to use this paragraph as an example of how I can talk about myself in Russian... NOT for me to memorize this entire paragraph about a man named Boris.  So if you want to hear about Boris, let me know and I can tell you all about him.


The Kindergarten: So I started with the intentions of doing mostly Judaic themed arts and crafts with the kids which I did for the first few weeks and it went really well! But after a miscommunication about supplies, I ended up teaching them some songs one week and it went really well so I did that for a second week! So far we have learned "The wheels on the Bus", and "Old MacDonald" and they seem to be liking it and having fun trying to sing along.  They haven't picked up on all of the lyrics yet, but they at least can yell out some of the main words along with the song and can identify them on the worksheets we do afterwards. Next week we are going to be learning some Hanukkah songs!


So I'm back in Tallinn now, getting back into routine after being gone for a long weekend. Side note- how come no one talks about how the WORST part of vacation is coming back to absolutely no food in your apartment and being SUPER hungry but also SUPER tired and how going to the grocery store is the last thing you want to do????? That dilemma was pretty brutal on Sunday but I did make it through and have a (relatively) full fridge.  I still have lots of laundry to do and LOTS of sleep to catch up on but I am happy to be back to "normal" life and already looking forward to my next adventures! My friend Becca is visiting in two weeks and then I'm meeting up with my family in Paris in three weeks!!


As always, thanks for keeping up with me and my adventures!














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