The One Where I Went to Geneva (& Saw My Dad!!)

November 8, 2017

This past week has been SUCH a whirlwind!! I took a last minute trip to go and see my Dad who was in Geneva, Switzerland.  This trip was particularly special because Geneva is where my Dad grew up (from 11-20), so he took me around the city showing me all of the old places that he used to go to, and I got to meet a bunch of his friends from high school (and see ones that I already knew), we had such a great time!!  This trip was also a great reminder that I do not know French as well as I thought I did (despite having a French speaking father and taking French for four years in High school...).  I ate my weight in bread and cheese- we got fondue on Saturday night, a meal I am still thinking about, and took in all of the sunshine and warm weather (by warm I mean it was in the 60s.. WHO AM I AND WHY DO I THINK THIS IS WARM NOW??!?!?).  Not needing to wear my giant coat was probably one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, oh and also being able to wear sneakers instead of boots was AMAZING!! So although I have been to Geneva before (I was actually there as a part of my post grad travels earlier this year), it was nice to get away for a weekend, see my dad, and do some exploring! I am still recovering from exhaustion as my flight was at 6am on Friday and I did not get back to my apartment until 1am Sunday night/Monday morning, it was SO worth it!!  Here are some pictures from the weekend!!


















































After my weekend in Geneva, I have had a pretty regular work week.  I had my Russian lessons Monday and Wednesday, and I think I might be kind of getting the hang of it.  I can read (most of the time), even though I sound like a three year old, but hey it's still progress!! I think that aside from Russian just being a difficult language to learn, I am just having a hard time forcing myself to study since I have been out of school for almost a year (yikes that's weird ("yikes" if you know you know shout out to Lindsey Harnack )), and I had a hard enough time forcing myself to study when I was in school. BUT I was able to put some of my Russian skills to the test week at the kindergarten!


Monday was week 3 for me at the kindergarten and instead of having two separate groups, I had both groups together which was about 11 kids. We decorated and made Magen Davids (Stars of David) out of popsicle sticks and they were SO cute, I will put a picture at the bottom of the blog.  What was great is that I was actually picking up some of the words that they were saying (so I am learning Russian!!).  Even better is, I had to help them glue their projects together since 5 year olds can't use a hot glue gun on their own, and each time they handed me one of their popsicle sticks I would say "Thank You", hoping that they would make the correlation and learn something new.  Well, one of the boys would repeat "Thank you" every time I said it but would talk to his friends around him in Russian, I could tell he was kind of confused.  So I looked at him and said "Thank You is Spaseeba" (which is how you would phonetically spell Thank you in Russian- here is how it looks in Russian Спасибо), and the look on his face was PRICELESS.  His eyes got SO wide and he would not stop talking about how I said something in Russian (at least that is what I think he was saying since he was speaking in Russian), for the rest of the class. 

 Here is the finished product of our craft for the week! Each week I am doing different Jewish themed art projects with them, and informally teaching them English (since I am by no means an English teacher), they are already great with counting and with the colors (learned before me but still)!!




Coming up:

-This weekend I am going to a leadership seminar with all of the Madrichim

-Two weeks from today I am traveling to Berlin with two other fellows


As always, thanks for keeping up with me and my adventures! Put in your email address in the subscribe section if you want automatic updates when I post a new blog :)



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