September 8, 2017

What am I doing??! This is a question that I have been asking myself a lot throughout this process (and life really). And it is a question that has a million different answers, the easiest answer being that I am moving to Tallinn, Estonia to work as a JDC-BBYO fellow for the next year as a part of JDC Entwine's program the Jewish...

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Alana's Adventures

My Travel List:

Geneva, Switzerland | Berlin, Germany | Paris, France | Malmo, Sweden | Copenhagen, Denmark | Riga, Latvia | Vilnius, Lithuania | Trakai, Lithuania | London, England | Jerusalem, Israel | Tel Aviv, Israel | Antwerp, Belgium | Brussels, Belgium | Prague, Czech Republic | Helsinki, Finland

Hi and welcome to Alana's Adventures! I am so excited to share my year in Tallinn, Estonia (pictured above) with you! Here you will get to read and see (lots of) pictures about what I am doing at work, all of my travels, and just day to day what it is like to live in a completely foreign place. To stay super up to date, you can subscribe to my blog (don't worry I won't spam you) and you can also follow my travel instagram account @alanabzadventures

люблю (that's "love" in Russian), 



I'm Alana (That's me on the left!).  I am 23 years old and I recently graduated from Rollins College! A few things about me: I am obsessed with the TV show One Tree Hill and anything created by Shonda Rhimes, I love sushi and Mexican food, and I am so excited to share my adventures with you!! To read more about my website click here!


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